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I really love this comic~ vuv I've been looking forward to reading it since before it was called Alice Of Nightmares~ the way its drawn is amazing ohmygosh

ah yes the time when it was called “Alice Yume” oh man that’s a long time! Thanks for sticking around omg!

Since Chapter 1 of Alice and the Nightmare ended yesterday I figured I should post some of my favorite pages from it! It’s been a great experience so far and I’m very thankful for everyone who has been super encouraging and supportive of this comic!

Now the adventure’s just getting started, but you can read the FULL FIRST CHAPTER right HERE!

Chapter 2 starts next Thursday, thank you for reading!!!

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Hellooo~! I just wanted to say I already love your webcomic and I'm super excited to see where the story goes. Anywho, I hope this isn't an annoying question but do you have any tips, points on how to start a story/comic? And when you figured out the day you started working on it seriously? I know there's no right or wrong way to do this and everyone kinda has their own experience but I was curious as to how you started c:

thank you very much!! I’m still very excited to show people, it’s (hopefully!!) going to be a fun ride :D

and this is going to be very long so under a cut it goes.

[[MORE]]well my biggest point is PLAN AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, but at the same time don’t get caught up in the idea of “perfect” because “perfect” will drag you down. I don’t know if this is relevant for many people, but for me, a story really can’t be forced. “Alice” originated from a drawing I made back in high school, and I liked the character so much and it just sort of evolved from there. There were a lot of drafts and a lot of planning that went into it, some awful ideas that had to be let go, but great new ones always took their place. The characters and world grew and changed as my worldview did. “Alice” is also the first story I ever took really seriously, so it has a very special place in my heart.

Now as for actually getting started, I wanted to launch the comic last year, (another tip: having an ideal launch day really helps get your butt in gear with there being an actual goal in mind) but I decided not to because a) I felt my art skills were nowhere near good enough for a full time comic, and b) I also felt the story wasn’t as good as it could be. So I took a year to plan more, and BOY DID IT HELP. I was able to comfortably plan out the first arc, write the entire script for it, and get thumbnails and pages done all before the launch date, and I feel great about it now! But also having friends who encouraged me and Hiveworks backing me up helped SO much and I cannot thank them enough for having faith in me.

But heck, even a couple months into the comic, I’m still changing small parts of the story, finding ideas that will work well, all that jazz. It’s just the nature of writing to have things grow and evolve into better versions of themselves.

So if you want to launch a webcomic AWESOME!! GO FOR IT! Planning is great but don’t be afraid to dive into the deep end, because it’s a great experience, trust me.

and thank you for asking!